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Debit Card

USA Cash Services® has teamed with a national debit card company in order to offer our customers a Visa Debit Card. Our USA Cash Services® Visa Debit Card is accepted by over 1 million merchants (including but not limited to grocery stores, gas stations, fast food restaurants, the post office, etc.) and at STAR and PLUS ATM's worldwide. This personal ATM/Debit card can be used in conjunction with a USA Cash Services® advance, and can be reused and recharged at your convenience.

ATTENTION: Our national debit card partner charges fees when you use your USA Cash Services® Visa Debit Card.
  • To help reimburse you for some of these fees, USA Cash Services® gives you an additional $1.50 with each approved debit card loan.
  • Please CLICK HERE to see a detailed Schedule of all fees associated with the USA Cash Services® Visa Debit Card BEFORE Activating your card.

USA Cash Services® Visa Debit Cards are Smart, Convenient, and Safe!

Getting a card
There is no banking account or complicated application forms required in order to get a card. Contact us, and we will verify your identity to mail you a card today.

If you have a USA Cash Services® loan, your first card will be FREE!

Many ways to put money on your card
  • Get a USA Cash Services® advance
  • Bring funds to any of our locations or at participating banks
  • Receive direct deposits
  • Wire money Transfer money from your bank account
  • Mail a money order

Managing your card
You can keep track of your money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply call the toll-free card services number found on the back of your card. You can review your balance, review transaction history, put more money on your card, change your PIN, and transfer funds to other USA Cash Services® Visa Debit Cards.

Using your card
You can use your USA Cash Services® Visa Debit Card to get cash at any STAR or PLUS ATM worldwide, or make purchases from over 1 million merchants. You can also call the toll-free card services number found on the back of your card and request a check be mailed to you.

Keeping you safe
Your USA Cash Services® Visa Debit Card is safer than carrying cash. The funds on your USA Cash Services® Platinum Debit Cards are FDIC insured. Your money is secure as long as you do not share your PIN with others.

Use Your Visa Debit Card for:
  • Shopping
  • Paying for Car Repairs
  • Entertaining or Eating out
  • Buying Gas
  • Withdrawing Cash from an ATM
  • Receiving Direct Deposits

And More...
(benefits your bank may not provide)
  • No banking account required
  • Receive an advance from us
  • Pay Bills
  • Manage your spending
  • Spend only funds loaded on your card
  • Send money to someone
  • Monitor your account 24 hours a day

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